The way we connect for business is scattered, individual-centric and can lack substance. Allow Pappyon to help clean this up for you and make connecting and networking in the virtual world just as easy as doing it in-person. Pappyon gives you multiple ways to share business cards, stay engaged and never miss the right time to follow up. Read on to find out how it works and discover the answers to our FAQs.

Using Pappyon’s clever near field detection share tools, instantly share or exchange cards when networking or meeting clients face to face. Watch to find out how.
Just because you are meeting on Zoom, online video conferences, or webinars, doesn’t mean you still can’t share cards easily between all parties. Watch to find out how.
Pappyon’s QR code generator allows prospective leads to easily take your card and leave their own in a single scan. Perfect for use at industry events or conferences.


Pappyon is a mindful, consciously curated connection and networking app for people who believe successful businesses are built on good relationships.


The power of the Pappyon platform lies in improving the quality of networks established online (real over random connection) and enabling businesses to create a hub for contact details and links to online channels. Whilst the business connection landscape is filled with many different ways of connecting, networking and accessing digital media channels, there is no one platform that brings it all together for you. The Pappyon team thought it was high-time that changed.

We can’t wait to help people in business streamline the way they connect – in person (contact-free) and virtually – build trust and create opportunity.

Pappyon is not the same as LinkedIn. Rather, our platform is designed to be the go-to destination for everything about your business and to complement your use of other social channels. The fact that it is dedicated to business networking not professional networking, is what sets it apart from LinkedIn.


Business networking is where users focus on connecting with people they know or with whom they have been introduced; to establish strong relationships, build trust and create opportunity on behalf of their business and the businesses of those in their network. This is the domain of Pappyon. 


Professional networking is where users focus on activities such as managing personal brands and networking for professional and career opportunities, generally for their own benefit. This is the domain of LinkedIn.

Great question! Right now, we are in the pre-launch stage, gearing up to deliver the platform to you by late October this year. We’d love to give you a specific date but the tech world is a weird and wonderful one that requires us to be agile. All good though, as this means you can use this time to get set up with the right plan for you and/or your business, nail the design of your new digital and professionally-branded business card and be ready to take flight when the App goes live. We’ll keep you posted and guide you along the way.

This is where your card can really drive greater value for you.

Cards on the Pappyon platform are designed to enable you to attach interactive links such as contact details that can enable quick and easy initiation of a phone call, text message, email and street address lookups as well as URLs to drive traffic to your websites and socials.

Share your cards with the iOS or Android app or via a QR code, email, SMS, chat and more. Learn more here about sharing cards in person or virtually or via QR code scan, which is perfect for use at industry events, your conference booth or business meetings.

As a Pappyon user, you can connect/pass on your card to a non-Pappyon user by sending a link via email, SMS, Messenger etc. Upon clicking the link, the non-Pappyon user will be prompted to download the free app and upon registering for the app, your request to connect will appear as a pending connection request for them.

You sure can, especially if you want an easy way to digitally receive and store the business cards of people you are working or dealing with. Pappyon enables one-way exchanges of business cards for no cost if this is all you’re needing. Check out our Hatch plan here, which is the free plan. The Hatch plan does give you the option to set up a free card for yourself, which we’d encourage so that it is easy for you to also pass on your contact details to others.

There’s a lot more to Pappyon than just the use of a business card. Think of the business card as just the means of connecting with others with the added advantage of it enabling you to strengthen the presence of your brand. One of the other big reasons the business card is still in use 400 years later (!) is that it signals a connection is being made between a business and the individual representing the business. Not just with the individual.

The Pappyon business plans offer brandable templates to enable you to customise your digital card to match your brand’s style. If you would like your business card to stand out from the pack, you may wish to take up the Transform business plan, which provides an option to request a bespoke design.

With Pappyon, there is no need to ever use paper business cards again. We hope that by uniting on this front with users such as yourself, we will achieve what has never been done before. The absolute eradication of the use of paper business cards worldwide.


Pappyon is passionate about encouraging and supporting people in business to adopt a purely digital and contactless way of exchanging business cards. All for the benefit of the planet, human health and from a business perspective, efficiency and opportunity gains.

The creation of a purely digital business card solution and one that doesn’t rely on the need to scan paper business cards, means that we have a great chance of eliminating unnecessary usage of paper. This will save at least 6 million trees from being cut down each year and it will protect the planet from consumption of valuable environmental resources – namely, large amounts of energy and water; and also from greenhouse gas emissions, which are dangerous when paper goes to landfill.

Security is of utmost priority for Pappyon. We treat it as serious business and that’s why we are committed to investing in quality servers and adopting strong protocols and industry best practices. If you would like more information on the technical details of our security measures, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will not sell your data to third parties. The Pappyon platform is for you and your  business to exchange value with those you’re connected to and we do not want to crowd your space with advertising.

The multi-connect feature is super exciting! Especially when you are attending meetings with a large number of attendees or a business event, virtually or in-person. Pappyon helps groups of people to effortlessly connect using one link to enable the exchange of business cards amongst some or all members of the group, depending on your preference.

This also makes it much easier for everyone to access each other’s multiple social networks, particularly in the virtual meeting/event environment. One click to share links to digital channels as opposed to each individual having to specify this in a discussion or web chat channel that is all too often easily missed or at most, you only nominate one channel or form of contact information.

The Pappyon in-app news feed (called The Latest) aims to provide you with an avenue where your content and activity will be prioritised to be seen by those in your network. We don’t want ads, sponsored posts or pesky algorithms getting in the way of why you’re there in the first place – to be able to consistently keep up to date with your connections and they, with you. We want to help you remain top of mind with each other. We want to help you strengthen relationships.

Connecting doesn’t necessarily mean you have a relationship. So let’s make it fun to bond and get to really know each other! By providing your connections with some random tidbits of interesting or entertaining trivia, people can look forward to having more than just your professional bio to talk to you about. Fun facts can be the ultimate ice breakers and they will make it easier to avoid the awkwardness and mundane of talking only about work.

The norm on social media is that individuals solely own their connections, regardless of whether they were made in the course of representing someone else’s business.


Pappyon recognises that both the individual and the business invests time and money to network, maintain client and customer relationships and to build a strong online presence. For this reason, ownership of connections made with the use of a company’s business card via Pappyon, will be shared equally by the business itself and the individual holder of that card.

Dedicated push notifications are text notifications which you can send to all Pappyon card holders at your company directly via their Pappyon app. You can use this feature to alert your employees of important company announcements.


Connect with us at connect@pappyon.com, or contact us below.