Turning events into communities

Events and communities go hand-in-hand. Pappyon is building the ultimate space that makes it easy to have the best of both worlds.

“After every event, it’s like we’re kicked out of the party, left to our own ‘devices’, scrambling to find each other to reignite connection. The bubble just bursts…we’re keen to help you change that.” – Sonia Zeiback | Founder & CEO of Pappyon

Feel the same? Come on in and take a closer look 😀


Event tech bringing business networking communities celebrations innovation leadership to life!

Come for the occasion; come to engage, to learn, to celebrate. Stay for the connection; for the conversations; for the memories.

Pappyon is a dynamic platform that modernizes event management and attendee engagement by blending private social networking and contact management technology.

Our goal is to simplify the process for event hosts, organizers, and stakeholders who work hard to unite attendees, sponsors, partners, and speakers. They do an amazing job at creating powerful communities and moments but sadly, the magic fades quickly.

By using Pappyon as a central hub, the true essence of events can be captured in dedicated spaces that can act as digital venues. Venues that enable all participants and attendees to come and go as they please.

Now, the information and knowledge shared and the experiences, conversations and connections formed, no longer need to be momentary.

An engaging and on-brand touch point

Ultimately, every dedicated event space can serve as a single source of truth for hosts, organizers, featured participants and attendees.

This begins with the set up — where an organizer starts to unleash the magic that awaits!

  • Create your event Home Page
  • Build the program and agenda – single or multi day events
  • Profile partners, sponsors, speakers & other featured participants
  • Set the admin and attendee engagement parameters 
  • Send out invitations, keep track of them and more!…

Enable attendees to remain connected

When networking – be it in person or at virtual events – as an event organizer, you’re either the hero or the thorn when it comes to enabling connection.

Pappyon focuses on the former, choosing to celebrate you, the organizer, as the hero. After all, without you, the opportunity to connect wouldn’t exist in the first place.

With your event space on Pappyon, never again will attendees miss a chance to connect if they forget their business card or leave their contact details and social handles scattered throughout a chat room.

💚 All connections an attendee makes through your dedicated space, will attach to their app account on Pappyon to keep!

Maintain a consistent brand identity

Consistency with brand identity plays a big part in the success of most businesses. Take this survey as a case in point: 68% of businesses said brand consistency contributed to revenue growth by 10 to 20%.

With this in mind, we’ve got your back!

Maximize impact for Partners and Sponsors

On mainstream social media channels, the individual solely owns their connections. That’s not the way it rolls on Pappyon. Here, event partners and sponsors are empowered to create their business accounts to manage their profiles and team representation seamlessly.

Dual Ownership: A unique Advantage

Event partners and sponsors can embrace the unique “dual ownership of connections” feature on Pappyon. This is to ensure that no connection nor opportunity is lost. 

Enhanced Business and Team Visibility

By linking their business account to their featured profile within your event space, partners and sponsors and their representatives, can enjoy greater visibility and increased engagement opportunities.

See what the community says:

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve ever used social media you’ll feel at home on Pappyon. Except here, you’ll probably feel more at home thanks to our no algorithm battles and no ad-hijacking policies – we strive to make it easy for you to engage with each other!

Ultimately, Pappyon is where your business controls the experience and has uninterrupted access to engaging with your connections.

After signing up to a Pappyon for Business account, we’ll give you access to your dedicated Business Portal to set up/manage your Business Profile. From there, you can issue your branded ConnectionCard to your team members, which will attach to their Profile on the Pappyon app.

It’s best to do this via a laptop/desktop computer. Locate the Login tab in the top navigation menu of this website and select the ‘Business Portal’ option from within the drop-down menu. You can also click through via this link

The Pappyon app can be used on iOS and Android smartphones. We’ve also built Pappyon so you can use it on a desktop computer by accessing the app via your browser (e.g Chrome, Safari, etc).

It’s best to do this via a laptop/desktop computer. Locate the Login tab in the top navigation menu of this website and select the ‘Pappyon App’ option from within the drop-down menu. You can also click through via this link.

Use the Pappyon app by sending them a link to your Profile and ConnectionCard. Hit the Connect button in the app’s navigation bar. Within the Connect menu, you’ll find the option to send a connection request by Email or SMS. A QR code option is also available.

Your Profile and ConnectionCard can be viewed via the shared link or your QR code without the app and your contact details can be saved to your connection’s phone. Best part? You will also receive their contact details in return.

The app is only needed if people wish to accept your invitation to join your network on Pappyon.

Not at all. When you invite a non-Pappyon subscriber to connect with you, they’ll be given an option to join by creating a free App Profile.

The ultimate objective here is to support you in the building of your invitation-only network.

With your Pappyon ConnectionCard, it’s definitely a case of “out with the old and in with the new”!

There’s no need to use paper business cards or any other business card solution that consists of a physical element (e.g a metal card, NFC tag, etc).

Pappyon is committed to investing in quality servers and adopting strict protocols and industry best practices. Our cloud services encrypt data in transit using HTTPS and logically isolate customer data. Check out the section dedicated to Admin and Security on our Pricing Page for additional information.

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