Business networking lives here

Make Pappyon the place where you connect to build better relationships with people that matter most to you and your business.

Here, it’s about creating highly personalized relationships for business retention, community building, and growth through word of mouth and referral. In a way where conversations and purposeful content can be shared all without battling an algorithm and burning out. 


It's your business networking epicenter

If your success depends on building great business relationships with people you know, meet, and aim to serve, you need an online channel to help you back this up.

That’s why we built Pappyon. A long-awaited fusion of an ad-free news feed, private groups, direct messaging, a digital business card, link-in-bio and event attendee connection links.

Bring back organic reach

For many businesses, the socials used to be just that, social. They would post, and their content would be seen. Engaging would be easy. And…the socials used to be an ideal substitute for email.

They’d let you say goodbye to the stiffness of formality and the need to email back and forth, if you were lucky to have people bother replying in the first place!

Fill your business network with people you actually know, meet and get introduced to

To protect against creating a cold calling environment, Pappyon aims to keep the random requests from people you don’t know at bay.

That’s why we leave it up to you to pass on the invitations to those you’d like to connect with and have a part of your inner circle.

Maintain a consistent brand identity

Consistency with brand identity plays a big part in the success of most businesses. Take this survey as a case in point: 68% of businesses said brand consistency contributed to revenue growth by 10 to 20%.

With this in mind, we’ve got your back!

Never lose a connection

On mainstream social media channels, the individual solely owns their connections. That’s not the way it rolls on Pappyon.

Dual Ownership

The people that represent your business can own the connections but importantly, your business gets to own them too; forever!

CRM integration

Go deeper by integrating your Pappyon business account with your CRM.

See what the community says:

Frequently Asked Questions

Pappyon is a brand-centric, private social networking channel for people in business.

If you’ve ever used social media you’ll feel at home on Pappyon. Except here, you’ll probably feel more at home thanks to our no algorithm battles and no ad-hijacking policies – we strive to make it easy for you to engage with each other!

Ultimately, Pappyon is where your business controls the experience and has uninterrupted access to engaging with your connections.

After signing up to a Pappyon for business account, we’ll give you access to your own Business Portal to set up/manage your Business Profile. From there, you can issue business cards to your team, which will attach to their Profile on the Pappyon app.

Locate the Login tab in the top navigation menu of this website and select the ‘Business Portal’ option from within the drop-down menu.
The Pappyon app can be used on iOS and Android smartphones. We’ve also built Pappyon so you can use it on a desktop computer by accessing the app via your browser (e.g Chrome, Safari, etc).
Locate the Login tab in the top navigation menu of this website and select the ‘My Pappyon’ option from within the drop-down menu.
Use the Pappyon app by sending them a link to your Profile and (Business) Card. Hit the Connect button in the app’s navigation bar. Within the Connect menu, you’ll find the option to send a connection request by Email or SMS. A QR code option is also available.
Your Profile and Card can be viewed via the shared link or your QR code without the app. The app is only needed if people want to accept your invitation to join your network on Pappyon.

Not at all. When you invite a non-Pappyon subscriber to connect with you, they’ll be given an option to join by creating a free App Profile or a Business Profile.

It will be their choice as the ultimate objective here is to support the building of your network.

There’s no need to use paper business cards or any other business card solution that consists of a physical element (e.g a metal card, NFC tag, etc).
Pappyon is committed to investing in quality servers and adopting strict protocols and industry best practices. Our cloud services encrypt data in transit using HTTPS and logically isolate customer data. Check out the section dedicated to Admin and Security on our Pricing Page for additional information.

Streamline the way you connect, build trust and create opportunity.