A problem solver at heart, Pappyon’s founder, Sonia Zeiback, has an insatiable appetite to do what she can to make the world a better place. Personally and professionally. There are no half measures. If Son says she’s going to do something, you can count on her to hit the ground running.


Meet Pappyon! Just like a caterpillar transforming and emerging as a butterfly, Pappyon is a project that had Son running, over two years ago – setting about hatching a smart and green solution – to take business connection to a whole new level. And alongside Son, is a team that is super inspired about reimagining and creating a better way to connect for business on many levels.


Put simply,  the Pappyon team believes that great things are achieved when technology is combined with human connection and purpose. The end goal?


Real connection, better business.




Sonia loves connecting people – with other people  – and also with solutions (we told you she’s a problem solver!). Underpinning this was a Bachelor of Business (Financial Planning) and a long career as a Financial Advisor. This was followed by a Master of Social Investment and Philanthropy and now, serving on the board of The Portsea Camp, a charity dedicated to enhancing the lives of vulnerable and at risk children.


It goes without saying that every one of Son’s endeavours has always been filled with deep meaning and purpose and there’s definitely no sign of this ever changing!


Dan’s formal pathway into the business world commenced on completion of a Bachelor of Law at Deakin University. He enjoyed a career as an Industrial Relations lawyer for the RACV and was destined for a long and successful career in that field if not for the striking of the entrepreneurial bug.


Life as an entrepreneur has been fast paced ever since. Dan is considered one of Australia’s tech start-up pioneers, having helped create over a million connections between businesses and consumers through Service Central, the world’s first online marketplace for local services way back in 2005. Over $2 Billion in trades and home services transactions were generated and distributed to local businesses before the marketplace was sold to Trading Post in 2016.


In the sale, Dan retained the underlying technology platform, Eaco Systems. Eaco is now the Operations Management system for a number of large B2B service organisations in the Facility Management, Local Government Services, Roadside Assistance, Telecommunications Infrastructure and Hospitality sectors.


Dan loves to share his experiences and insights into helping organisations embrace technology – to not only stay ahead of the pack – but to thrive into the future.



Meet Yash! Well, where do we start?! A good a place as any is that we think we have a very talented Developer to lead our IT division.

Yash was an academic superstar at Mumbai University and also at the University of Melbourne where he attained a Master of Information Technology with First Class Honours.

Putting the studies into practice, Yash has managed, developed, and consulted on a multitude of software projects for organisations ranging from nascent tech-startups all the way to mammoth Fortune 500 companies.

Yash is passionate about applying cutting-edge technology to solve complex real-world problems and is especially interested in leveraging technology to connect people and businesses.

In taking up the role as Pappyon’s Lead Developer, the main motivation for Yash was the exciting prospect of building a solution that has the potential to be a major and effective social networking platform for businesses around the world.



We’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions or want to run something past us, please reach out!