Codification of trust

The codification of trust: what does this mean for your business? “If people like you, they’ll listen to you but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you” – Zig Ziglar To this day, the wisdom of Zig Ziglar is so pronounced. Trust is everything. It drives our decision-making. Day to day, hour-to-hour, minute […]

Is Building A Business Like Having A Baby?

Is Building A Business Like Having A Baby?

It’s been almost three years since Pappyon was “born”. And whilst I have not borne children of my own, I often wonder if creating your own business can feel like you’re living with a “baby”. For all the parents out there, please indulge my light-hearted take on all of this – by no means can […]

Can networking survive in a handshake-free world?


Remember the days? You know, the ones where you would go out to network, face to face? Shaking hands was a soft touch yet an important element in the making of an initial connection. Following this, an exchange of business cards would often take place. Long considered the first tangible impression of your business, the business card—to this day— has also remained the most professional way to introduce yourself and your business.